Exhibitors' Testimonials

Blackmer is the global leader in positive displacement sliding vane and screw, regenerative turbine and centrifugal pump, and reciprocating compressor technologies for the transfer of liquids and gasses in mission critical applications.  Since 1903, the Blackmer name has stood for unparalleled product performance, superior services and support. LPG is a core market sector for Blackmer. We have been a member of WLPGA since 2003 and have participated IN the World LPG Forum even before then.
The industry focus and worldwide scope of the Forum helps set it apart from other shows. It is truly a global show that brings together the most significant stakeholders in the LPG industry. This makes it a significant event for Blackmer and an important opportunity for us to put our products in front of - and tell our story to - our existing and potential customers and channel partners, who are some of the industry’s top decision-makers. This is an especially important year to exhibit at the World LPG Forum for Blackmer since the show is being held in the United States, home to Blackmer’s Grand Rapids, Michigan headquarters. . We look forward to the chance to welcome the Forum’s participants to the U.S.A., which is now the world’s largest producer and exporter of LPG. We are excited to see you in Houston, where we can reconnect with old friends and make new ones in what is one of the world’s most significant industries.

Thomas L. Stone  - Director of Marketing for PSG® Blackmer® is part of PSG, a Dover company
Booths Nr 49/50

  Rochester Gauges is a manufacturer of float level gauges and remote reading accessories with head office in Texas-USA and daughter companies in Mexico, Belgium and Shanghai-China. We started to exhibit at the World LPG Forum on a regular basis in Rome in 1998. Since then, we never missed any Forum. Rochester Gauges has the opportunity during this event to present new products or highlight specific developments to suit local market requirements and exchange directly with end users. It’s a great opportunity for us to promote our products, learn about new requirements and hopefully extend our business. Thanks to the venue of the local customers we can collect lots of information from the industry players! Enabling us to also improve and supply products matching to the market requirements, making of this event a win-win exchange of information for both Rochester & customers! The World LPG Forum is also a great occasion to meet most of our distributors and exchange about their experience and local practices to enable potential business growth. Getting such various different nationalities at your disposal, all about LPG, may only be profitable!

Cédric Jottard  - General Manager Rochester Gauges
Booth Nr 103