Thursday 4 October 2018



Session 2 - Communications: Evolution or Revolution?

Chair: Ms. Lillian Christensen, Head of Corporate Communication, MAKEEN Energy

Communications - whether it is classic, disruptive, guerrilla - remains at the heart of any industry and paves the way to extend influence and grow business. Is the propane industry ahead of this curve, or do we need more inventive and adventurous initiatives?


• Mr Simon Leysen, Morris & Chapman
"Tackling LPG Communication Paradox"

• Mr Paul Cohen, Partner Managing Director, Ketchum
“The Shift from Supply to Demand: The Changing Nature of the Global Communications”

• Mr Eric Hahn, General Marketing Manager, Elga
“Making Content Marketing Work”


Coffee Break in the Exhibition


Session 3 - A Time of Transition in the Americas

Chair: Ms. Nathalie St-Pierre, President and CEO, Canadian Propane Association 

Transitions are taking place in the rich and varied markets of the Americas. From big production surges in North America, to policy reform in Mexico and further deregulation in Brazil and beyond. How are the Americas adapting to the new realities in the LPG industry and where are the real growth opportunities?


Mr Warren Wilczewski, Energy Economist, EIA
“Supply and Demand transition in the Americas”

Mr Angel Carabias, Gerente Comercial Corporativo y de Asuntos Publicos, Abastible

Mr Luis Landeros, Presidente del Consejo, ADG

Mr Gerry Goobie, Principal, Goobie Tulk Inc

Mr Steve Kossuth, Vice President, Supply and Logistics, Amerigas

Mr Luc Desjardins, Superior Propane



Lunch in the Exhibition


LPG for Development (LPG4DEV)  - Cooking up Solutions for Modern Energy Access

Moderator: Ms. Richenda Van Leeuwen, Chair International Institutions, Global LPG Partnership

Over three billion people in developing countries still lack access to the clean fuels and technologies needed to cook safely and healthily, and millions die prematurely from preventable causes related to household air pollution from cooking smoke. The role of LPG is increasingly recognized by global leaders as a critical piece of the solution. Join the Global LPG Partnership and the World LPG Association for a lunch and panel discussion to hear the latest from leaders across Africa and Asia on developments in their countries to support wide-scale adoption of LPG for clean cooking. They will provide updates on key progress in planning, infrastructure development, financing, private sector engagement, and innovative consumer financing mechanisms to reach poorer households, supporting an array of health, social and environmental benefits. 



WINLPG Knowledge Exchange


Session 4 - Secrets of Success

Chair: Ms. Christina Espinosa, CEO, Gentegas

Exclusive insight and analysis into some of the world’s most exciting and Exceptional Energy projects, showcasing innovation in a variety of diverse markets and applications. This session will uncover the secrets behind the best practice stories that will drive the future of our industry.


Mr Michael Kossack, Management Board Member, SHV Energy
"Role of BioLPG in a low carbon energy system."

Mr Nick Quintong, CEO, Paygo Energy
"PayGo Energy - The Virtual Gas Grid"

Mr Cinch Munson, Senior VP, Business Development, PERC
"USA LPG Autogas Update"

Mr Sampo Suvisaari, Wartsila
“Power generation with LPG engines in Central America and the Caribbean”

Mr Les Gingell, Vice President, MAN Energy Solutions
"The LPG MAN Energy Solutions ME-LGIP engine"



Closing & Welcome to Amsterdam