Wednesday 3 October 2018



Grand Opening



Keynote Address

Glenn Hegar, Comptroller of the State of Texas


Coffee Break in the Exhibition 


Roundtable – Tomorrow’s Energy Today

Chair: Ms. Esther Busscher, Head of Group Public Affairs, SHV Energy

The United States has recently become the number one exporter of propane and butane in the world. This abundance of LPG can contribute significantly to sustainability in the future, both in the United States and in many other parts of the world that are in need of clean, modern energy solutions. What are the specific opportunities and what needs to be done to maximise the value that LPG can bring?


• Mr Stuart Weidie, President and CEO, Blossman Gas

• Mr Randy Thompson, Founder & Senior Advisor, Vice Chairman, Thompson Gas, NPGA

• Mr David Witte, Senior Vice President, IHS Markit

• Mr Henry Cubbon, Managing Director, DCC LPG





Alternatively, take advantage of this time slot to meet and discuss with exhibitors and learn on innovations, products and services they have to offer.

If the workshop is full, you can request to the secretariat to be placed on the wait list or attend on site as an observer (number of seats limited).


Workshop - Power Play: Autogas

With ever-increasing competition for attention and current “race to the cleanest” in the transport sector, it is essential to position Autogas in a smart way and targets the right audiences. Focusing on fleets is an efficient way to grow Autogas use, however, fleet managers have different concerns and constraints from policymakers or the general public. How can we make a strong enough case to convince fleet managers to make the switch?





Workshop - Power Play: Digital Communication

“It is not the strongest of the species that survives. It is the one that is most adaptable to change.” Charles Darwin

Digital communication and social media are at the very heart of the digital revolution and can no longer be optional in any organisation’s strategy. As tools and technologies develop faster than our capacity to integrate them into corporate strategy, our industry must keep up with these changes. How do we Think Digital First?



Workshop - Power Play: BioLPG

BioLPG has made significant progress in the last few years. Now the LPG industry has a bio-alternative to offer to match its competitors and demonstrate its ‘bio credibility’ to both governments and customers. However, numerous challenges are still ahead and the LPG industry needs to act with a strategy and coordination to encourage BioLPG growth. What are these challenges, what are the opportunities, the threats and what needs to be done will be the subject of the discussion in the BioLPG power play. 


LPG in Humanitarian Settings

From natural disasters, to social upheaval, to war. One thing that all displaced peoples need and need quickly is clean energy to cook, boil water and heat with. LPG because of its portability and storability is an ideal solution. This Exceptional Energy Snapshot will look at how LPG is being used to help populations affected by calamity have access to a clean burning, portable fuel. 


  • Ms Christina Espinosa, CEO, Gentegas
  • Mr David Tyler, Director of Projects, WLPGA
  • Ms Alexandra Garcia, Chief Program Officer, World Central Kitchen

Lunch in the Exhibition 



Latin America is the biggest export market in the world for North American propane. It is a region with dynamic growth markets many of which are undergoing profound changes and in some cases needed reforms. During this working lunch, organised by the Latin American Regional Association (AIGLP), focus will be on these changes, what is at stake, and the opportunities for growth that are being created from Mexico to Tierra del Fuego and all points in between.





Alternatively, take advantage of this time slot to meet and discuss with exhibitors and learn on innovations, products and services they have to offer

Workshop - Power Play: LPG as Marine Fuel

LPG as an alternative marine fuel, with its excellent environmental profile, is one of the best solutions for the reduction of exhaust emissions in light of the 2020 IMO regulations, as well as for the protection of seas, lakes and rivers from spills of fuel in the marine environment. The WLPGA report “LPG for Marine Engines - The Marine Alternative Fuel” is a comprehensive study of the very specific benefits LPG can offer this sector. Immediately and readily available, LPG offers low investment and operating costs, and short payback periods when compared to alternatives. How can we use this knowledge to promote the use of LPG as a marine fuel, and what sectors are the most promising?


Workshop - Power Play: The Internet of Things (IoT)

Technology developments with IoT have increased rapidly and present real opportunities in the global LPG business for working smarter, more efficiently, safer and facilitating deeper market penetration. This Power Play will discuss real examples of where IoT has made an impact and where it might be applied in future.


Coffee Break in the Exhibition


Take-Aways from Power Play





Session 1 - Prospects for Propane

Chair: Ms. Amber Fennell, Group Manager Performance & Strategy, Origin Energy

The outlook for propane and butane looks very good. All forecasts suggest a supply surplus over the next decade. North America continues to play a key role in meeting the world’s demand. So what can go wrong? Where are the hidden challenges for the industry?

Mr Phil Shaw, Senior Vice President, Argus Media
“The Global LPG Market: 300 million tonnes and counting" 

• Mr José Ramon Arango, Senior Liquid Bulk Specialist, Panama Canal Authority

• Mr Rob Donaldson, Vice President NGL Domestic&Intl Marketing and Transport, Targa

• Dr Walt Hart, Vice President, IHS Markit

• Ms Molly Morris, Vice President, Equinor ASA

• Mr Michael Panas, Managing Consultant, NGL Strategy


"Texan Night Out"

George Ranch Historical Park

Please note that this year, the Gala dinner takes on a different atmosphere, wear comfortable clothes and shoes. Pants and closed toe shoes are highly recommended to enjoy this outdoor dinner on a ranch.  


Mr Tucker  Perkins
Mr  Tawfiq  Hammoumi